You’re Invited (Trades of Hope)

Next Thursday evening (August 7th), I’m hosting a live Facebook party for a company called Trades of Hope. This company works with women around the world to help them provide for themselves and their families. Some of the women whose products are sold through Trades of Hope have been rescued out of sex slavery, are living in poverty, are single mothers (some with handicapped children), live in war-torn countries, or have AIDS. The artists are from countries all over the world, including Uganda, India, Guatemala, Haiti, Peru, the Philippines, the U.S.A, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Trades of Hope products
I’m wearing the Deep Aqua Layered Necklace and the gold earrings from Mumbai Earring Set

You don’t have to shop to join the party and learn more about Trades of Hope, but if you do choose to support these artists you’ll know you’re buying fair-trade products that directly help the women who created them. We often talk about how we want to be helpful to and supportive  of other people, and here’s a chance to actually do just that. I’ve bought several Trades of Hope products, and I’m so impressed with the quality and design, and also with the women who made these beautiful pieces.

Most of the products are designed for ladies, but gentlemen are also welcome to join us and shop for themselves (because everyone needs a mango-wood trivet, right?) or someone else.

The party starts at 8:00 p.m EST on August 7th and goes until 9:00. I hope you’ll be able to make it then, since we’ll have a live chat going so you can ask questions and stuff, but if not you’ll still be able to access the page for a few days after the party is over. Click here to go to the Facebook page and join this event. If you don’t have Facebook and still want a link to the shop after the initial party, let me know.

Goats for Guatemala!

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