Picnic Anniversary

looking out from behind the shelter house

I spent yesterday at the event highlight of the summer — Wilson’s Picnic by the Pond for the local church groups. This being the 20th anniversary year, I really don’t remember a time when I haven’t been going to Wilson’s picnic every summer (I’d just turned 6 when they started hosting it and I’ve never missed a year). I suppose that actually makes it the most stable, long-lasting thing in my life other than my family.

My pictures here are a bit dated, since I rarely take time from swimming for photography, but it hasn’t really changed much in the past 4 years. Just some of the young people are taller now.

Come to think of it, it really hasn’t changed all that much in the past 20 years. It’s just that now, I’m one of the teens and young adults hauling little kids up onto the dock instead of one of the girls bobbing around in a life jacket waiting for a “big boy” to fish me out so I can jump back in.

Three of the picnic’s main attractions: paddle boat, the dock, and Saturn

Wilson’s Picnic might be one reason I love the water so much. I think I’ve swam every year, even if it was only for 1/2 an hour between rain showers or when it was so cold we literally started turning blue. Most years, though, it’s warm and sunny enough to spend all day in the water and come out with a lovely lobster-red sun burn. When we were younger and less worried about sunscreen, my sister and I would spend the next couple weeks after the picnic pealing flakes of dead skin off our sunburns. A bit wiser now, only my shoulders burned this year.

In addition to swimming, the picnic is always stuffed full of good friends and good food like my peach cheesecake squares. At any given time throughout the day, you usually have the option to eat, swim, play corn hole, chat with friends, or get into a deep Bible discussion. I checked off all except corn hole this year, and I’m already looking forward to next year. Thanks to the Wilsons for 20 years of amazing memories!

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