Feast of Tabernacles

Happy Feast of Tabernacles! marissabaker.wordpress.comHappy Feast of Tabernacles! This holy day season is the most anticipated time of the year for my family, and for many of my friends. A whole eight days of getting away from “the world” (well, unless you’re in school and then there’s all that homework …), fellowshipping with other believers, and obeying the command to “rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days” (Lev. 23:33-43).

I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to do this Feast to make it a little “extra special” is post something on this blog every day. I finished all of the writing that I needs done (copywriting articles, posts on my author blog), so I can focus my writing for the next week on fiction and fun things like this blog. Since I like writing so much, I’m really looking forward to that.


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