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Thanks for visiting my blog!  My goal is to build an encouraging community where we can grow together into deeper relationships with the Lord, ourselves, and each other. I’m glad to have you joining me on this journey.

I started this blog back in 2013, and in 2018 I finally settled on a name: Like An Anchor. I chose this name because anchors connect ships to firm ground beneath them, keeping the vessel from drifting with the changing waters. A defining belief in God does much the same thing for us. When we capture a vision for why God created us and who we are in Him, we can drop anchor in that identity and ride out the waves of life. You can learn more about my faith by clicking here.

With that foundation, we’re ready to go on to live our lives with the courage and vulnerability needed to connect with other people. We can learn to see other people through God’s eyes because we’re anchored in the identity He is helping us create for ourselves.

Personality type theory (specifically Myers-Briggs®) is my favorite tool for understanding ourselves and other people. I started studying Myers-Briggs® types in high school and I’ve found this typology system an excellent companion for a journey of self-discovery and identity formation.


I’m a homeschool graduate with a B.A. in English, with minors in creative writing and studio art. I am currently completing a M.A. in Rhetoric and Writing. My interest in personality types began in high school. Though I’m not a certified Myers-Briggs® practitioner, I’ve been studying type psychology for over 10 years and love encouraging other people to learn about themselves and reach their full potential. Much of my work on this blog is a product of that passion.

I currently work as a freelance writer and blogger, as well as a graduate assistant at my university. When not writing, I love baking cheesecakes, reading books, playing with my cats Wax and Wayne, and belting out Broadway show tunes. I live in the midwestern United States.

Affiliations Disclaimer

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I am also a Referral Partner for Personality Hacker.

Writing Credits

To learn more about my academic work, click here to visit my professional portfolio.

My freelance work has appeared in web and print publications including eHow, SFGate, Living Education, Femnista, and Boundless.org. I’ve also self-published two e-books: The INFJ Handbook and God’s Love Story. Here are links to some of my articles:

If you’re curious about my fiction my website is MarisMcKay.com.












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