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Free Scripture Writing Plans

Themed lists of 30 scriptures that you can use individually or in small groups to guide your studies of God’s word.

Book Club Guides

Additional resources for book clubs reading Like An Anchor Study Guides together.

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Being Careful With Our Ideas of God

I’ve been reading the books of Judges and 1 Samuel recently. These books chronicle a time of transition and trouble in ancient Israel’s history. After Joshua’s death, Israel struggled with settling into the promised land and staying faithful to God. They compromised, their hearts strayed from true worship, and their…

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“Who Is the One Who Will Condemn?”

Sometimes, I’ll come across something during Bible study that makes me sit up and think, “Oh! That’s what that means.” I suspect this is one of the ways God keeps me humble; by reminding me that I haven’t figured anything out yet, even things that in hindsight seem obvious. It’s…

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Why Does the Bible Say to Pray for People in Authority?

The idea that a human being should be treated with a certain amount of respect based on a position they hold has fallen out of fashion in Western society. We routinely complain about U.S. Presidents and some people even display banners and signs cursing their names. We say no one…

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