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I’m Marissa, a writer with a passion for helping other people thrive. Thanks for visiting 🙂 Here, you’ll find a bunch of resources to supplement the books in my Like An Anchor Study Guide series.

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Free Scripture Writing Plans

Themed lists of 30 scriptures that you can use individually or in small groups to guide your studies of God’s word.

Book Club Guides

Additional resources for book clubs reading Like An Anchor Study Guides together.

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Inspiring Music: The Connection Between Song and Prophecy

Years ago when I was studying the topic of prophecy in the Bible, I noticed a link between prophecy and music that I thought seemed strange at the time. When we think of prophecy, we typically think of foretelling future events. We might also think of “inspired speaking,” which is…

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How I Bible Study: Tips, Recommendations, and Resources

I’ve been going back and forth on making a post like this for quite some time now. There isn’t one right formula for studying your Bible, and I’m not saying there is. As long as you’re reading God’s word, praying for His guidance, and working to know Him better then…

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Don’t Despise Your Role

I caught myself doing something I’m not proud of a few weeks ago. I was talking with someone about why I’d been traveling last month for the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and made a comment about the “weird religious things” I do. I felt bad about it immediately, repented and…

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