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I’m Marissa, a writer with a passion for helping other people thrive. Thanks for visiting 🙂 Here, you’ll find a bunch of resources to supplement the books in my Like An Anchor Study Guide series.

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Free Scripture Writing Plans

Themed lists of 30 scriptures that you can use individually or in small groups to guide your studies of God’s word.

Coming Soon: Book Club Guides

Additional resources for book clubs reading Like An Anchor Study Guides together. (coming soon)

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Now Available! Like An Anchor Study Guide: The Beatitudes

The first book from my new Like An Anchor Study Guide series is now available! (Release date was actually yesterday, but there was a slight delay with the paperback, so I’m posting this today.) I’m so happy to finally share this book with you, and I’ve been thrilled to hear…

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Do You Want To Become Well?

How would you answer if Jesus asked, “Do you want to become well?” For most, if not all, of us, I think our first instinctive response would be something like, “Yes! Of course I want to be well.” But let’s ponder this a little more. The man Jesus addressed this…

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Holding on to Our Joy in the Lord

We don’t often give the minor prophets much attention, beyond telling the story of Jonah or studying some sections if you’re curious about future and fulfilled prophecies. I find, though, that when I do study them or run across a verse from one in word searches that their messages are…

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