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I’m Marissa, a writer with a passion for helping other people thrive. Thanks for visiting 🙂 Here, you’ll find a bunch of resources to supplement the books in my Like An Anchor Study Guide series.

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Free Scripture Writing Plans

Themed lists of 30 scriptures that you can use individually or in small groups to guide your studies of God’s word.

Coming Soon: Book Club Guides

Additional resources for book clubs reading Like An Anchor Study Guides together. (coming soon)

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Judge Yourself (and Others) as You Would Like God to Judge You

I hadn’t planned to write any more about Paul’s teachings on the topic of self-judgement. I only found three passages on that topic, after all; what more was there to say? But after I received a request from a reader to keep studying that topic, I prayed about it and…

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Compassion: A Month-Long Scripture Writing Study

I have another scripture writing list for you all today, along with a continuation of the study we started last week with “God’s Parental Compassion.” As with my other Free 30-Day Scripture Writing Plans, I started out by studying all the words in the Bible (English, Greek, and Hebrew) related…

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God’s Parental Compassion

I started studying compassion this week and discovered something that seemed a bit odd at first. There are two main Hebrew words translated “compassion” in the Bible, and one of them is also translated “womb.” For example, these two verses use the exact same word: even by the God of…

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