Armor We Wear

I’m reblogging a friend’s post today, partly because it’s a good post and partly because I’ve been under the weather the past few days. Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging shortly, but until then, I hope you find this post as encouraging as I do.


In our lives, we all have armor. That shield we hold like a wall that cannot be scaled. That sword we wave in an attempt to get the upper hand. That helmet that limits our view. That breastplate to protect our heart. That belt of the familiar and comfortable. Those shoes of the stubborn and hard-hearted. 
Whatever we do, we carry these things with us. We also pack baggage and throw that over our shoulders. At every encounter with the alarming, we struggle to fight and march on. 
God has taken that baggage and disengaged it from our shoulders. He held our hand as we crossed a bridge of tumultuous waters. Together on the other side, we used a torch to light the bridge on fire. Our old life, who we were, is dead to us. Why do we save our armor?
Let’s trade in our armor. That wall of…

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