Men in The Church: It’s OK to Grow Some Balls

A thought-provoking post written by my brother. I’ve been thinking lately about a trend in some churches to place women in leadership roles. Women do have a significant role in the church (which can even involve teaching), but I think the Bible is clear that the ordained, public leadership of the church has been given to men. Instead of usurping those roles when they go vacant, perhaps we need to ask why men are leaving the church and what we can do to encourage them to stay and lead.

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“There are no real men in the church.”

“None of the men I know actually care about God.”

I’ve heard these statements hundreds — maybe thousands — of times, mostly from women but also from older men. There’s this general realization that men in the church today just don’t really care about their faith. It’s not an imagined problem. Statistically, men just aren’t on fire for Christianity. But why? Why are so many guys lacking zeal for their religion? Why aren’t they fired up?

Men really don’t understand that Christianity has room for masculinity. We’re told to be passive, that we’re too headstrong, that men are dangerous. Then in the same breath, we’re told we have to “do more” for the church. It’s confusing and discouraging. Well, gird up your loins like a man, cause we’re about to see why we should get fired up as Christians.

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3 thoughts on “Men in The Church: It’s OK to Grow Some Balls

  • Considering that from the very beginning, Christianity was the religion of “slaves, women, and children” where “Christian maidens were very numerous” it’s something of a miracle that for the millennia that Christianity has been ruled almost entirely by men, women seem to have always been drawn to it. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work the other way around – if women go to a religion where 80-100% of it’s teachers, pastors, leaders are men, why wouldn’t men go after a religion where there are just as many women? Is it a gender contamination thing? Boys won’t do what girls can because it would mean a loss of masculinity, but girls can do what boys can do without the loss of their femininity?


  • This is a discussion that needs to be voiced. As a father and husband, I often recognize the need for men and women. We have a broad spectrum of specific influences as men and women. As a man, I know that I can bring a strong sense of leadership and stability to my home. As a boy who grew up without a dad, in willing to say that men present a needed leadership role that is specific to men. Not to minimize what women bring. Women are truly equal in influence, yet they bring different aspects of leadership. I feel that this is true in church as well. Men need to be free to be leaders. Women need to be free to be leaders as well. Then, when we work together, we can appreciate one another and finally be successful. Repression of either role leads to a deficit.

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