Pre-Passover Perfection Ponderings

I didn’t write a blog post this week. Between the wonderful bridal shower my family and friends gave me last weekend, car repairs, and working on a Christian book review (which I’m excited to share with you, hopefully next week) I didn’t have time to do my typical type of bloggable Bible study.

I have, however, had time to ponder the idea of perfection. It was the topic of a the sermon I heard last Sabbath and it’s been on my mind off and on over the past few months as I thought about updating my old 2015 post “Growing To Perfection.” That was one of the most inspiring studies I ever did for me personally, and I decided to revisit the post this week and update it. And so for today, I invite you to click over to “Growing To Perfection.”

I pray you have a blessed and meaningful Passover! (It’s just a few days away if you’re reading this post the weekend it goes live.)

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