My First Live Interview

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely email from Joyce Meng inviting me to join an INFJ panel on her YouTube channel. That didn’t work out for my schedule, so we planned a one-on-one conversation with questions from her audience. I’ve done interviews before, but those were pre-recorded and for the most part pre-scripted–I had all the questions in advance and could plan out what I wanted to say before the call or video started. The live Q & A format was very different, but I also found it a lot of fun (except for the part where I forgot how to say “methodical” so thoroughly that it came out as some tortured version of “methodological”).

Joyce is an excellent interviewer, and I really enjoyed my conversations with her before and during this video. Also thank you to everyone who tuned-in live and asked such interesting questions. I’m even grateful for the questions I wasn’t sure how to answer because they were so interesting to think about!

You can find Joyce on YouTube by clicking here and Twitter by clicking here.

INFJ Interview with Esabelle

Hello dear readers, I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Sometime ago, a friend contacted me about doing an interview on her YouTube channel, and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you all . I hope you enjoy it, and that you’ll check out the other videos on her channel as well. She has some great content on psychology and personality types 🙂

What You May Not Know About Your INFJ Mind But Really Should

A few weeks ago a fellow INFJ named Bo Miller contacted me and asked if he could interview me on his new podcast. After picking my jaw up off the floor and texting my boyfriend to share that I was equal parts terrified and excited, Bo and I started a conversation that led to this interview. Our conversation focused on how INFJs can understand and learn to use their Extroverted Feeling and Introverted Thinking functions.

Click Here To Listen To The Podcast

What You May Not Know About Your INFJ Mind But Really Should | marissabaker.wordpress.comI already shared this link on my Facebook page, but in addition to the podcast I have a special treat for you all today as well. Bo is a Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner and the creator of as well as The INFJ Personality Show. He recently published The INFJ Personality Guide and would love to give you a free copy. I haven’t read it yet myself, but from my conversations with him I’m pretty well convinced it’s going to be really good. I hope you’ll grab a copy and check out his website. Here’s more info:

In The INFJ Personality guide, you’ll discover…
• Your greatest strengths
• Your weaknesses
• Why the rest of the world thinks differently than you
• Why you’re so good at discerning people’s thoughts, motivations, and feelings
• How to set better boundaries
• How to cultivate healthy relationships
• What to do when you get down or depressed
• Career advice
• How to manage your thoughts
• How to make your creative ideas, insights, and visions a reality
• How to communicate more effectively with other personality types
• How to handle criticism without getting your feelings hurt

The guide is divided into three sections:
• INFJ preferences
• INFJ functions
• How to develop your personality and reach your potential

Click To Download A Free Copy Of The Guide