My First Live Interview

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely email from Joyce Meng inviting me to join an INFJ panel on her YouTube channel. That didn’t work out for my schedule, so we planned a one-on-one conversation with questions from her audience. I’ve done interviews before, but those were pre-recorded and for the most part pre-scripted–I had all the questions in advance and could plan out what I wanted to say before the call or video started. The live Q & A format was very different, but I also found it a lot of fun (except for the part where I forgot how to say “methodical” so thoroughly that it came out as some tortured version of “methodological”).

Joyce is an excellent interviewer, and I really enjoyed my conversations with her before and during this video. Also thank you to everyone who tuned-in live and asked such interesting questions. I’m even grateful for the questions I wasn’t sure how to answer because they were so interesting to think about!

You can find Joyce on YouTube by clicking here and Twitter by clicking here.

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