An Introvert’s Guide To Hosting A New Year’s Party

I always spend New Year’s Eve with my sister and cousin. There’s just the three of us, but we call it a party anyway. The tradition started with my cousin’s family hosting much larger New Year’s parties, and then after those went away the three of us just kept spending New Years together.

Though one of us (my cousin) is an ENFP, our New Year’s parties are very much something you could describe as introverted. There’s a small number of people and the party activities are generally relaxed, stay-at-home sorts of things. And because our sort of New Year’s party is clearly the best kind there is, I’ve made this helpful little guide to help other introverts (and those who like “introverted” parties) to host their own.

How To Host An Introverted New Year’s Party

Step One: Decline all invitations to traditional New Year’s parties.

Step Two: Find a small number of people you enjoy being around and who will get along well with each other.

Step Three: Invite the people from step two to your party. Text or social media is fine — no need to talk with them in-person if you don’t want to.

Step Four (optional): Convince one of these people to host the party at their house so you don’t need to have people at your place.

Step Five: Plan food. Popular options include tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurants, take-out to eat back at the party location, or cooking together as a group.

Step Six: Plan activities. For us, this generally consists of planing to watch a movie, talking for several hours, eating lots of dessert, and possibly getting around to turning the movie on some time before midnight.

Step Seven: Sparkling beverages. It’s not a New Year’s Eve party without something bubbly in your glass. For those underage or avoiding alcohol, sparkling white grape juice is perfect. Others may consider sparkling wine a good option (I like Moscato d’Asti).

Step Eight: Implement the party plans and enjoy yourself.

Step Nine: Stay up at least until midnight so you can say you “rang in” the new year.

Step Ten: Revel in the fact that you can now tell all those people who think introverts lead boring lives that you went to a party on New Year’s eve.

An Introvert's Guide To Hosting A New Year's Party |
Photo credit: pixel2013 via Pixabay

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