2018 On My Blog: Top 10 Lists

Once again the Gregorian calendar advances by one year. Sticking with tradition, I spent New Year’s Eve with my cousin and sister and now I’m using my first post of the new year to share my blogging highlights from last year.

This has been a big year for my blog. It’s got a name now, for one thing, since we went from marissabaker.wordpress.com to LikeAnAnchor.com. The number of visitors is holding pretty steady from last year, though it did go up a little.

One of my big goals for this upcoming year is to continue growing my blog, but that’s a subject for another post. Today’s post is about looking back on the most popular posts of 2018 and celebrating all you lovely people who’ve been reading my work.

Posts With The Most Traffic

All of the top posts this year are about INFJs, which isn’t really surprising. I was kinda surprised that my ENFP-INFJ relationships post is the most popular of all my posts, though. I guess I’ll put that on the list of good things that came out of my (now ended) relationship.

  1. Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships (published 11/11/2017)
  2. INFJ User Guide (published 6/20/2016)
  3. Religion and the INFJ (published 10/17/2016)
  4. Want To Date An INFJ? Here’s 15 Things We’d Like You To Know (published 9/18/2018)
  5. The Vanishing INFJ (published 11/28/2016)
  6. INFJ Dark Side (published 3/31/2014)
  7. The INFJ Stare (published 8/5/2013)
  8. Living With INFJ Guilt And Overcoming Cycles of Shame (published 11/13/2018)
  9. The Single INFJ (published 4/18/2018)
  10. How To Be Friends With An INFJ (published 10/13/2014)

Top 2018 Posts

I didn’t publish quite as many new posts this year as usual, since I was dealing with so much personal stuff following my breakup and with starting counseling to finally deal with my anxiety and depression. I did manage to get some good posts written, though. Here are your favorites:

  1. This Whole “Otherworldly INFJ” Thing Is Getting Out of Hand
  2. 10 Things INTJs Need In A Friendship
  3. 5 Relationship Problems INFJs Often Struggle With
  4. What Does What Does Each Myers-Briggs® Type Look Like If They Get Stuck In A “Loop”?
  5. The Importance Of Living Authentically As An INFJ
  6. Fictonal MBTI – T’Challa (ISFP)
  7. 5 Tips For INFJs Going Through Heartbreak
  8. 10 Stories You’ll Relate To If You’re An INFJ
  9. What Does Each Myers-Briggs® Type Look Like When They Get Stressed-Out?
  10. Here’s What Happens When Church Hurts An INFJ

Top Christian Posts

My Myers-Briggs®posts are always popular enough to push posts on other topics out of the top 10 for the year. Quite a large number of visitors come to my blog for the Saturday Bible studies, though, and I don’t want to skip over them in an end-of-the-year summary. Here are the Christian-themed posts that saw the most traffic in 2018.

  1. Mercy and Truth Meet Together: INFJ Christians
  2. That Which Every Joint Supplies: INFP Christians
  3. What Does It Mean To Be Strong In The Lord?
  4. God’s Message Through The Aaronic Blessing
  5. All Your Heart, Mind, and Soul: ENFP Christians
  6. To Seek And Search Out By Wisdom: INTP Christians
  7. How To Clean A Temple
  8. Spiritual PTSD
  9. The Subject of Kneecaps
  10. Letting God Define You

10 Countries My Visitors Call Home

On My Blog: Top 10 Lists | LikeAnAnchor.com
Photo credit: Gellinger via Pixabay

This is the same top 10 countries as last year, though in a slightly different order. Thank you so much to everyone all around the world who’s reading and commenting on my blog ❤

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. India
  6. Singapore
  7. Indonesia
  8. Germany
  9. Philippines
  10. South Africa

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