New 30-Day Scripture Writing Plan: “Big Questions”

I’ve been so fascinated by the topic of “big questions” that I’ve added another monthly scripture writing list to the resources on this blog. You can read my other posts on this topic here:

Like the other scripture lists on this blog, “Big Questions” has a list of 30 scriptures that you can write out one per day for a month. At first, I thought about alternating “question-scriptures” with in-Bible answers to those questions, but I ended up just sticking with the questions. Many of them have answers right there in the next few verses, or later in the same books. Others are answered elsewhere in the Bible. For most, though, I have not included the “answer-scriptures” on this list.

I hope that by leaving this scripture writing list more open-ended, it will invite you to search out answers to those questions in the scriptures and/or meditate on how you’ve answered those sorts of questions for yourself. If you want to take the extra time, you might choose to write some of the answer scripturas as well or use this list to inspire a deeper study into one or more of the questions.

Download “Big Questions” scripture writing list here:

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