2022 On My Blog: A Year-End Review

I realized just today that I’d completely forgot to do my traditional year-end review of what’s been going on with my blog. That’s probably because so much has been going on in my life this year and will be going on next year. I’ll be graduating with my Master’s degree in May and I’m currently planning a wedding for a soon-to-be-determined date in the summer.

Life for me is wonderful right now, and part of that is all that’s been going on here with my blog. Cutting back to just one post a week and focusing on sharing Bible studies has meant less stress for me and it’s been wonderfully encouraging to see how many people are still reading and commenting with this shift.

10 Posts With The Most Traffic

Once again, the year’s most popular post was “What Does It Mean To Be Strong In The Lord?” This is the first post in my Spiritual Warfare series, and it’s the basis for my Armor of God Study Guide (which will be available in spring or early summer of 2023). My INFJ and other personality type posts also remain popular.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be Strong In The Lord?
  2. Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships 
  3. Water, Spirit, Fire: The Three Baptisms of Christianity
  4. What Do Other People Think of INFJs?
  5. INFJ Dark Side
  6. 5 Relationship Problems INFJs Often Struggle With
  7. How Do I Know if I’m an INFJ or an ENFJ?
  8. How To Tell If An INFJ Likes You
  9. Want to Date An INFJ? Here’s 15 Things We’d Like You to Know
  10. How Do I Know If I’m an INTJ or ENTJ?

Top 10 Bible Studies

As my focus with LikeAnAnchor shifted from personality types to Bible studies over the past several years, the most popular posts shifted as well. As you saw in the last list, my INFJ posts are still getting a lot of traffic, but the Christian posts are also getting more attention. Here are the Bible studies which people read most in 2022.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be Strong In The Lord?
  2. Water, Spirit, Fire: The Three Baptisms of Christianity
  3. Jesus Christ’s First Words
  4. Letting God Define You
  5. When God Gives You Something You Can’t Handle
  6. Reasons to Pray: Building Relationship with God
  7. When God Calls You By Name
  8. The Benefits of Living In Covenant With God
  9. Hearts of Shalom: Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken
  10. Replacing Anxiety with Power, Love, and A Sound Mind

5 Most Popular Scripture Writing Plans

Almost two years ago now, I started adding 30-Day scripture writing plans to the resources available on Like An Anchor. You can see them all and download them for free by clicking here. These were the most popular in 2022 (ranked by numbers of downloads):

  1. Love
  2. Compassion
  3. Self-Control
  4. Big Questions
  5. Double-Minded

Countries With Over 5,000 Visors

I’m always amazed by how many people visit my blog from all over the world. To give you all a glimpse into where your fellow readers are located, here’s a list of the countries home to at least 5,000 blog visitors this past year (I cut this list off at 5,000 simply for the sake of length).

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Philippines
  5. India
  6. Australia
  7. Germany
  8. Indonesia
  9. Nigeria
  10. South Africa
  11. Brazil
  12. Singapore

Thank you so much to everyone around the world who reads and comments on my blog! It means the world to me to see how many visitors come through here, and to read the comments and encouraging emails that some of you take the time to write and share. May this next year be filled with blessings for all of you ❤

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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