2021 On My Blog: A Year-End Review

With 2021 behind us, I’m halfway through my grad school program. I’ve slowed down posting on this blog because of that, but I’ve still posted every week and even released a new book in June (The Beatitudes, first in a Like an Anchor Study Guide series that will continue this year with Armor of God).

As I do every year, I’m starting 2022 with a look back on what’s been happening on this blog. Here, I have top 10 lists for most popular posts. Since I’ve added downloadable resources to the blog, I also have a top 5 list for those. Finally, we take a look at the countries around the world that this blog’s visitors call home.

10 Posts With The Most Traffic

The most popular posts list for 2021 changed quite a bit from the ones in 2020. There are still some posts about fictional characters on this list, but “What Does It Mean To Be Strong in the Lord?” took over the top spot. This is the first post in my Spiritual Warfare series that will be the basis for my next study guide.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be Strong In The Lord? (12/16/2017)
  2. Dating Your Mirror: ENFP and INFJ Relationships (published 11/11/2017)
  3. INFJ Dark Side (published 3/31/2014)
  4. How To Tell If An INFJ Likes You (published 1/7/2019)
  5. Water, Spirit, Fire: The Three Baptisms of Christianity (published 8/25/2018)
  6. 7 Fictional Characters That You’ll Relate To If You’re An INTP (published 4/1/2019)
  7. What Do Other People Think of INFJs? (published 5/22/2019)
  8. Updated Disney Princess MBTI Chart (published 12/19/2016)
  9. Finding Your Real Myers-Briggs® Type (published 11/2/2015)
  10. Want To Date An INFJ? Here’s 15 Things We’d Like You To Know (published 9/18/2017)

Top 10 Posts For This Year

As usual for LikeAnAnchor.com, all of the posts that got the most traffic on my blog last year were published before 2021. Of the new posts I published, these 10 were the most popular.

  1. What Would the Myers-Briggs® Types Be Like as RPG Classes?
  2. Hearts of Shalom: Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken
  3. What Does It Mean To Be Double-Minded, and How Can We Fix It?
  4. Why Are So Many INFJs Obsessed With Fictional Characters?
  5. Getting Comfy With Your INFJ Personality Type
  6. Psalm 133: Unity Like Oil and Dew
  7. The Curious Case of the Introvert’s Function Stack
  8. Finding Treasures, New and Old, in the Pages of Scripture
  9. “Instead, I am single-minded”: Learning from Paul’s Focus on Jesus
  10. Judge Yourself (and Others) as You Would Like God to Judge You

5 Most Popular Scripture Writing Plans

This year, I added 30-Day scripture writing plans to the free resources available on Like An Anchor. You can see all the ones available for download by clicking here. These were the most popular (ranked by numbers of downloads):

  1. Compassion
  2. Big Questions
  3. Self-Control
  4. Double-Minded
  5. Love

Countries With Over 5,000 Visors

I’m always amazed by how diverse my readership is. I love looking at the world map in WordPress’ reports and seeing all the different countries that blog visitors come from. To give you all a glimpse into where your fellow readers are located, here’s a list of the countries home to at least 5,000 blog visitors this past year. I cut the list off at 5,000 simply for the sake of length (if I included countries with at least 1,000 visitors, for example, the list would be over 50 countries long).

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. India
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. Germany
  8. Brazil
  9. Indonesia
  10. Singapore
  11. South Africa
  12. Italy
  13. France
  14. Poland
  15. Turkey
  16. Mexico
  17. Netherlands

Thank you so much to everyone all around the world who’s reading and commenting on my blog! I hope this next year is full of blessings for you.

Featured image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay